Social DistanceSING 7.3 – ‘If ye love me’ (Tallis) – Diction

This third video looking at Tallis’ ‘If ye love me’ is all about diction – pronunciation of vowels and consonants, and how we as singers use this to create and communicate the meaning of the text we’re singing. Diction is a key part of so many different aspects of singing, including tone quality, projection, and musical phrasing – in my opinion, a detailed understanding of diction is one of the most important skills a choir member should have.

Social DistanceSING 7.1 – ‘If ye love me’ (Tallis)

My ‘Social DistanceSING’ project continues to evolve. This week, I introduce the well-known ‘If ye love me’, an setting of words from St John’s gospel, by English Renaissance composer Thomas Tallis. I’ll be looking at this anthem over the next few weeks, dealing with various aspects that go into a choir’s preparation of a piece. Whether or not you consider yourself a choral singer, I hope this gives you an opportunity to explore and develop your singing and musicality!

Social DistanceSING no.6 – ‘Through all the changing scenes of life’ (Wiltshire)

I’m pleased to share my latest ‘Social DistanceSING’ video. The hymn featured is a paraphrase of Psalm 34, and from the first line we see that it is very relevant to the current times! As well as taking you through the singing of this hymn, I also talk briefly about what I believe it means to find peace and assurance amid the struggles of life through my Christian faith.